It's been 15 years since the first Not In Our Town documentary was aired.  Since that time, the film has spawned it's namesake organization and a series of PBS specials, all sharing the same message - that some people are unwilling to tolerate intolerance.

This year, Not In Our Town launched a website,, to provide ordinary citizens with the tools they need to combat hate crimes in their communities.  The site just launched a few months ago, but already over 40 local groups have formed across the U.S. to spread the message. is basically a clearinghouse of information on hate crimes, providing statistics on the issue and the inspiration to stand up and confront it.  You can also add your town to the U.S. map of towns that are uniting against hate crimes and connect with other communities for ideas helping average citizens win the war against hate crimes.

Not in our town
Organization gives ordinary citizens the tools to combat hate in their hometowns.