Two weeks ago, Maryland resident Anne-Marie Luciano was minding her own business and nursing her baby on a bench at Maryland's Francis Scott Key Mall. She was startled when a woman and a mall guard approached her and asked her to cover her breast or move to the mall's nursing room.

Other women may have been intimidated by such a request. But Luciano, an attorney, was well aware that Maryland law allows women to nurse in public. So she continued nursing where she was. She also decided that it was high time to educate the mall staff and the public by raising awareness of the 2003 law.

Luciano organized a nurse-in. On Saturday, nursing moms from far and wide descended upon the Francis Scott Key mall to nurse their babies and show their support for Luciano and all moms who wish to breastfeed their babies.

Luciano was hoping to get 50-60 people to show up for the event. She got double those numbers — 150 to 200 people turned out for a two-hour "nurse-in" to bring awareness to the legal rights of nursing mothers. And the La Leche League of Maryland was on hand to lend support and answer questions as well.

Although the crowd was composed mostly of mothers and children, there were a number of dads and grandparents there as well.

Hats off to Luciano and all of the moms, dads, babies, and grandparents who showed up to support each other and breastfeeding moms around the country. Mission accomplished.

Nursing moms unite at Maryland mall
Mothers came together on June 5 at Francis Scott Key Mall to breastfeed their babies for a 'nurse-in.'