What's for dinner?  If I had a nickel for every time my kids asked me that I'd be a rich woman.  I truly wouldn't mind if they made the food decisions every once in a while - but only if I could count on them making healthy food choices and not just their old standbys of buttered noodles or PBJ.

So I think they're gonna like checking out this new website I came across recently.  It's called ZisBoomBah and it lets kids figure out what's for dinner via a fun and educational game called Pick Chow! Kids get to enjoy playing with different dinner choices.  There are literally thousands of foods to choose from - everything from corn tortillas to BBQ chicken to bok choy, and of course there's plenty of kid favorites like grilled cheese, hot dogs, and pizza.

Each meal is given a star rating based on how healthy it is.  The "Add It Up" meter gives kids the scoop on how much protein, carbs, fat, fiber, and sugar are in each meal.  And in order to achieve the highest score possible, they must create a balanced nutritious meal.  It's a brilliant idea, because it really taps into the competitive nature of kids as they click and switch to up their star rating.  

After they have finished whipping up a healthy meal, they can save their dinners and email the recipe (along with a grocery list) to you! It's truly a great way to get kids involved with dinner while teaching them the importance of making smart food choices.

Nutrition for kids 3.0
New web game helps kids plan healthy meals for the whole family.