Meatless Monday is coming up at one New York City public school. And it will be followed by Meatless Tuesday, Meatless Wednesday, and Meatless Everyday.

P.S. 244 in Queens, N.Y., is the first public school in the city — and probably the nation — with an all-vegetarian menu. According to school officals, the policy developed after careful consideration and with the involvement of the students and their parents.

The Queens school has 400 students in pre-kindergarten through third grade. According to CBS News, school officials began offering vegetarian lunch to the students three times a week and then increased it to four times a week because of their popularity. The jump to five days a week was pretty easy from there.

As for the students at P.S. 244, they seem to wholeheartedly approve of the new menu.

Students at the school spoke with a reporter at NY1 about the new vegetarian policy. “When you’re healthy you can do better on tests, and you can fight more diseases,” said one student. “It’s green so it can make your eyes better, and it can also help your muscles to become stronger, and it also has a lot of protein, not a lot of sugar,” added another.

Does your child's school offer vegetarian selections?  

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