OK, I'll admit it. The modern family's busy schedules — work, school, meetings, dance, soccer, etc, etc, etc. makes it challenging to cook a hearty, healthy meal. I do my best during the school year to avoid those tempting fast food drive-thrus at all costs, but there are days when even my best intentions cannot hold firm against a quick meal on the go.

If only I lived in New York City. Then I could hit one of the four locations of Nanoosh for some healthy kids meals served fast. Nanoosh was created by investment banker-turned-restaurateur David Kostman to meet the needs of health-seeking families looking for fast meals on the go. While the menu varies at each location, I can see from a glance that it's filled with lots of healthy and organic choices with meals such as the Mediterranean tuna salad, hummus chicken, tomato soup, and the Nanoosh wrap (beef, hummus, tahini, and fresh veggies.)

All of their wraps are whole wheat, their ice tea and lemonade is organic, and at $8 for a salad or a wrap, their prices are certainly comparable to the chain fast-food joints, but with much healthier fare.

So Mr. Kostman, I have just one question for you ... do you plan on opening a Nanoosh in my neck of the woods anytime soon?

Check out Nanoosh.com for a list of the restaurant's four NYC locations.

NYC's Nanoosh cooks up healthy food on the go
Looking for an alternative to big box fast food meals? If you're in NYC, you're in luck.