Are you and your kids catching Olympic-fever? Get in the spirit of sportsmanship with these simple crafts that amp up the excitement of the games.

Olympic torch: Celebrate the 2010 Winter Olympic Games by making this super simple ceremonial Olympic torch craft. With just a few sheets of scrap paper, you can initiate your own backyard torch relay with the help of friends and family.


Olympic medals: It just wouldn't be the Olympics without medals. This website will show you how to make your own out of clay or paper so that you can join the medal ceremony excitement from home.

Score cards: Why let the official Olympic judges have all the fun? Whip up these simple Olympic score cards so you and your kids can rate your favorite athletes while you watch the events together. You can also use these cards during your own "at-home" Olympic competitions.

Olympic medal chart: Keep track of the medal standings (and teach your kids about flags from different countries) by making this Olympic medal chart. Don't forget to update the chart daily as the medal count changes.

Salt dough ice skates: Whether your kids are into figure skating or speed skating, they'll love creating these cute salt dough ice skates to commemorate the event.

Olympic rings: Use tissue paper or any kind of scrap paper to make your own set of Olympic rings while you teach your kids what they represent. (Need a refresher? Check here to find out the story behind those 5 Olympic rings.)

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