Need yet another good reason to clean out your closet? Your unwanted CDs, books and DVDs could help save the planet.

It's true. Just put together a box of your used books, CDs and other media and ship it off to They'll sell the goods in their Amazon store and give all of the profits to charities that protect the planet (like Orca Network, Sightline Institute, and the National Parks and Conservation Association.) What a great motivator for purging your old junk! It makes an excellent project to do together as a family ... or you could go one step further and hold a donation drive in your neighborhood or at your child's school.  

To keep the cost of shipping down, EcoEncore suggests mailing packages via U.S. Media Mail. It's a special postage rate offered when packages contain only books, film, video tapes, CDs, DVDs  and other media — and it does save you a bundle. You can send a 20-pound package via media mail for under $10. Check out the USPS website for a complete list of Media Mail rates. If you live in the Seattle area, you can also drop off packages of goods at any of these EcoEncore drop-off locations.

So go ahead and put a package together. Don't forget to browse EcoEncore's store when you looking for a new (to you) book or DVD.  

Photo: windsorhotel

Organizing for the planet
Purging your old junk could help save the whales, protect our nation's parks, and fund environmental grants.