"All I want is for my children to be happy."

It is the mantra of parents around the world. But what steps do we take to get them there? And how much anxiety do we, as parents, endure to ensure our children's happiness?

Jennifer Senior, author of "All Joy and No Fun" takes an honest look at these questions — and at the modern crisis of parenting as she calls it — in this thought-provoking TED talk.

In the talk, Senior explains the elusiveness of happiness and the difficulty in using happiness as the sole measurement of our parenting. She explores the changing roles of parents and children throughout history and how our current role as parents — to secure our children's happiness — may be too stressful of a goal for both parents and children alike.

Take a look and let us know what you think:

Parenting and the anxiety of happiness
Author Jennifer Senior explores the 'crisis of modern parenting,' in this heartfelt TED talk that may have you rethinking your role as a parent.