I recently interviewed psychotherapist Mia Ozair about her tips to help teachers get ready to go back to school.  And guess what?  This mom-of-five and former teacher had some great advice for parents too.  

According to Ozair, here are some key things you can do to prepare your child for school:

  • Take the kids with you to shop for school supplies and back-to-school clothes as a means to excite them and get them looking forward to the year.  Where possible, let them chose their colors and styles!
  • Talk with your kids openly about the impending school year.  Ask them how they feel about it and monitor their feelings and reactions.  Generally speaking, kids who struggle academically or socially in school will tend to have an increase in stress as the first day of school draws near.  Be sure to offer words of encouragement and help to build any necessary skills, academically or socially, over the summer so that the student has a better chance for an easier transition.
  • Take note of any behavior that indicates acting out, shutting down, sleep troubles, or increased anxiety that is above and beyond his or her “normal.”  Some children may need the additional support of professionals as the school year begins.  For those with high levels of anxiety, a classroom visit and meeting the teacher in person in advance of the first day of school can calm anxieties and make that first day a bit easier. 
  • As parents you may be having your own levels of anxiety with school starting.  How will my child do in school this year?  Will her teacher be nice?  Will he be bullied?  This is perfectly normal and you too can speak with a friend or a professional about managing your concerns.  When it comes to discussion about the new school year with your child, stay positive and optimistic.
How do you help your kids make a smooth transition to the school year?
Parents: It's time for the back-to-school boogie
Here's how to help your kids make a smooth transition from the lazy days of summer to the hustle and bustle of the school year.