Alma Schneider believes in the power of music to build communities and shape young people's lives. So in 2005, she combined her love of music and background in community organizing to found Parents Who Rock, a nonprofit association of musicians based in Montclair, N.J., who rock for a cause onstage and behind the scenes to raise money for non-for-profit organizations throughout their community.

Over the past four years, PWR events have raised more then $200,000 for causes such as breast cancer, a children’s playground, the local rape crisis center, and music education in schools.  

And it's not just about the causes. PWR helps parents "re-connect with their musical past" while helping out their favorite charity. In addition to their concerts, PWR has released two CD's to benefit local charities. Go Play Outside and Let 'Em Play both feature musical performances from PWR musicians, ranging from rock to blues, Brazilian Jazz to folk, punk to country.

To get involved, sponsor or attend Parents Who Rock activities, or buy a CD, check out the Parents Who Rock Website. Rock on!

Parents who rock ... for a cause
New Jersey parents get back to the beat and rock out for charity.