Imagine for a minute that you are fortunate enough to have a second home — a peaceful retreat where you gather with friends and family. Now imagine that you are surfing around on the Internet and you come across news about a party taking place at that peaceful retreat — except this party is anything but peaceful. One by one you begin to see pictures and tweets popping up of teens drinking, doing drugs, and vandalizing your home. The party is broken up by police, but not before some 300 teens have damaged your property.

Would you be irate? Would you want revenge? Arrests? Compensation?

This really happened this week to former NFL star Brian Holloway. The teens racked up $20,000 in damage before the party was broken up by vandalizing the floors, ceilings, and furniture of his home and stealing a number of items — including an eagle statue that was on the headstone of his stillborn grandson.  

But Holloway isn't getting mad, and he doesn't even want the kids to pay for what they've done. What does he want? He wants them to come forward and help him clean up his home. He also wants them to return his stolen property, particularly that eagle statue.

Holloway didn't have to look far to find a list of folks who incriminated themselves with their own pictures and tweets. Now he's assembled those posts on his site Help Me Save 300, a reference to the 300 or so kids he thinks were partying at his house that night and his effort to "save" these kids from their current path of destruction.

On his site, Holloway notes:

"Broken Things Can Be Fixed.  Stolen Things Can Be Returned. But 300 Young Lives Are In Peril. Please Help Me Save Them."

Holloway then proceeds to post the tweets and pictures of those involved.

Holloway continues:

"If you have any information at all you can submit it right here.  It will be held in confidence. So Please Consider Coming Forward. And Lets Save These Lives.

...Maybe I’m Wrong, But I Believe In These Kids.  I believe that they can be turned around. I believe that this event that was marked with spray paint on our home – can be turned into a declaration of change, transformation and new beginnings.

Here's more from Holloway on ABC News describing the destruction to his home:

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