Diane MacEachern knows...the power to save the planet isn't found in a laboratory or a boardroom. Nor will it come out of Washington. D.C. No, the power to save the planet is found right in the average woman's purse.

According to MacEachern, women control 85 cents of every dollar spent in the American marketplace. In her book, Big Green Purse, MacEachern urges women to use that spending power to protect the environment ... and themselves. She offers specific tips for where and how women can make changes in their purchases that can really make a difference for the planet.

She's not talking about just spending more money on products that are labeled as green or organic. Instead, MacEachern emphasizes all of the ways that women can simplify and streamline purchases to reduce waste, prevent pollution and save money.

Take cleaning products for example. MacEachern questions the need for all of the different chemically-laden conventional cleaning products currently available:

"Your cleaning problems are limited in variety — dirt, grease, baked-on dirt and grease, mold and limescale in the bathroom, perhaps some tarnish or rust, and the occasional stain — yet companies use an almost unlimited number of questionable combinations to sell you more products than you need."

So instead of buying five different cleaning products at $3 per bottle, MachEachern suggests purchasing one all-natural, all-purpose cleaner. Even if it costs twice as much as conventional, you'll save over $10 overall while protecting the planet, and still making sure your house is good and clean. And not only does MacEachern give you information about the different types of all-natural cleaners that are currently available, but she also bravely spills the "dirt" on how things get cleaned in her house.

It's that kind of real "in the trenches" information that makes Big Green Purse so invaluable. And its exactly why my own copy of the book is so doggeared. MacEachern's Big Green Purse offers easy-to-use information about the problems that face the planet today ... and the power that we all have in our very own purses to save it.

Planet-saving power in your purse
Use your spending power to protect the planet.