June 5 is World Environment Day, a day set aside by the United Nations to stimulate worldwide awareness of the environment and enhance political attention and action. The theme for this year's World Environment Day is "Your Planet Needs You — UNite to Combat Climate Change". This year's theme was chosen to draw attention to the urgency for nations to agree on a new agreement at the crucial climate convention meeting in Copenhagen some 180 days later in the year, and the links with overcoming poverty and improved management of forests.

So how can you get involved in this global movement? Plant a tree! The United Nation's Environment Program (UNEP) has launched an ambitious Plant for the Planet campaign with the goal of planting 1 trillion trees! And they're asking folks from around the world to plant a tree on June 5 to commemorate World Environment Day.

You and your kids can plant one in your backyard or get a bunch of friends and neighbors together to plant trees at your local park, school or community center. Register your activity to show your support for the Billion Tree Campaign and make your effort part of the global initiative to protect the planet.

Plant a tree for World Environment Day
Be part of the U.N.'s Plant for the Planet by planting your own tree to mark World Environment Day.