Tomorrow, Feb. 27, is International Polar Bear Day, a day set aside to honor — and help protect — this amazing arctic bear. How can you and your kids celebrate?

Bone up on your bear facts at Animal World USA. You'll learn where they live, what they eat, and even how they keep their feet from slipping on the ice. The National Wildlife Federation also has some great info on polar bears, including how they are coping with our warming planet (hint: not well.)

If you've got some clay and a little know-how, you can carve an Inuit Polar Bear Sculpture. Better yet, bake up these cute (and yummy-looking Polar Bear "Cubcakes" to share with your kids. And spread the word about this important holiday by sending a free Polar Bear Day ecard to friends and family.

Polar Bear Day seems like the perfect day to adopt your very own polar bear (symbolically, of course.)  You can do so through the National Wildlife Foundation where they have packages ranging from $20 for a certificate and polar bear story card to $100 for all of that plus a stuffed bear and stickers. If you really want to make a difference in the life of a polar bear, speak up for the bears and let Congress know that you support clean energy and climate change legislation.  

Polar bear day
Honor this impressive arctic bear with crafts, cupcakes, and climate legislation.