Let's start the week out right with some hope and optimism mixed together with an enormous dash of cuteness.

Recently, preschool students at Washington, D.C.'s Mundo Verde school were asked why we need to save the trees.  And their response, transcribed by after-school instructor Tara McNerney at Mundo Verde is one for the books.  

The students had recently read Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree and had already been brainstorming all of the different ways that we depend upon trees.  When McNerney asked her class, “What can we do to protect the trees?”, the students shouted out a bunch of suggestions, and then came up with the idea to write a letter that might convince their fellow humans on Earth not to destroy the planet’s trees. 

Here is that amazing letter:

Mundo Verde letter

McNerney plans to send the letter to President Obama along with nature-themed art and to the local library for display.  

Photo of letter: Jodie Goldberg

Preschoolers write adorable letter on why we need to save the trees
Letter addressed "Dear Whole Wide World," answers the question of why people should protect the world's forests.