Kids off from school? Celebrate this holiday with your kids (and teach them something, too!) while you whip up one of these four, fun-filled presidential crafts:

Lincoln's Log Cabin: Using a cardboard box, twigs, and hot glue, you and your kids can construct this log cabin just like the one President Lincoln grew up in.

Craft Stick White House: Dig out your craft sticks and white paint to build a White House that any president would be proud to call home.

Crepe Paper Flag: You and your kids can show your patriotic pride by hanging this eco-savvy American flag on your door.  All you need is a handful of scraps (in red, white, and blue, of course) of crepe paper or tissue paper and glue.

George Washington Puppet: Using a discarded toilet paper tube and the template from this website, you and your kids can make this funny 3-D presidential puppet to celebrate the day.

Thumbnail image: Image by DLTK Kids

Featured Image: Photo by jimbowen0306

President's Day crafts for kids
4 fun-filled crafts you can make with your kids to teach them about President's Day.