Ah, President's Day. A day off from school and work for many and a chance for the whole family to relax and reflect on the importance of America's presidents. What? You mean your family doesn't sit around on President's Day debating which president played the largest role in American history? Yeah, neither do we — but I do like to try to work in a little presidential info over this restful day off from school.  


History doesn't have to be a drag. There are lots of fun ways to get kids thinking about America's coolest presidents. Try some of these ideas:


Get crafty. A quick spin around the Web turns up some really cool President's Day crafts, such as this Timeline of Abraham Lincoln, these President's Day finger puppets, or the ever popular craft stick White House.


Share a legend. Presidential history is boring, but presidential legends are fascinating. Share the story of George Washington's Cherry Tree, the humble beginnings of Abraham Lincoln, or read a poem about Theodore Roosevelt's teddy bears.  


Catch a flik. It's a great day to watch a movie that makes you proud to be an American. Try one of these or feel free to add your own favorites in the comments:


  • "Independence Day"
  • "Rocky III"
  • "Miracle"
  • "Apollo 13"
  • "American Legends"
  • "Yankee Doodle Dandee"
  • "Victory"
  • "The Right Stuff"
  • "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"
  • "The Patriot"
  • "Schoolhouse Rock: America"
President's Day: Sharing history with kids
Get kids excited about presidential history with these crafts, stories and more.