From the folks who brought us Project Green Prom comes the latest event to help teens go green: Project Green Dorm, a project that inspires high school and college students to green their dorms or living space, school supplies, clothing and lifestyle.

Teens Turning Green, a national coalition of teens working to educate teens and the rest of the world about healthy lifestyle choices, recently announced the launch of Project Green Dorm, which will include a multi-faceted effort to encourage teens around the country to make eco-informed purchases around the age-old tradition of back-to-school. 

“Project Green Dorm is a web-based guide for students and parents for all the items on the back-to-school checklist – but the greenest options,” said Judi Shils, director of Teens Turning Green. The campaign encourages students to make going back-to-school this semester 100 percent green.

Project Green Dorm includes a website with checklists to help teens make green choices on everything from bedding to binders, a brick-and-mortar Project Green Dorm shop in Northern California, and official campaign care packages so parents and grandparents can send teens eco-essentials to start their new green lifestyle.

Project Green Dorm officially launches on Aug. 1.  Just in time for teens ... and the planet!

Project Green Dorm
Eco-teens launch campaign to make back-to-school a deeper shade of green.