With summer just around the corner, many families are taking advantage of the extra time together to try out the latest dieting craze — one that has nothing to do with the food on our plates and everything to do with the gadgets in our hands.

It's the High-Tech Diet.

Could you go a week without your laptop? How about a day? How long could your kids go without their DS or iPod before all heck broke loose?  

Unlike my children, I can remember a time before the Internet, cellphones, and even at-home video games (yes, I'm that old.) And it's not that I don't love these gadgets — I have been known to happily text, chat and send emails simultaneously. But I also know that life is just fine without them. While I love having Google, a smartphone, and a GPS at the tip of my fingers, I also think it's important to know how to look things up, make phone calls, consult a map, and ask questions (in person) to find the information we need.

So I'm going to try it out. A whole week without my smartphone, laptop, GPS and Wii. I am equally fascinated and frightened at the idea of being text-free, Google-free, and unplugged for an entire week. I've gone without my laptop for a week before, but I always had my smartphone as backup. Ironically, I'm hitting up the Internet for tips to make my tech-diet go smoothly.  

Got any advice to share?

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