Every year, I have grand intentions for the Valentine's Day cards that my girls will bring to school. I always think there will be plenty of time over the course of several weeks for each child to individually make 20 or so cards for all of their friends. But the reality is that here it is — the day before Valentine's Day — and the girls and I have yet to finish a single card.

Still, we don't have to give up the heart-felt handmade notion altogether. A quick Google search turned up some great ideas for quick and easy Valentine cards that the girls can make to bring in to school. And most importantly, they all use supplies that I already have right here in the house.

Here are six fun and fabulous handmade Valentine's Day cards to make with your kids tonight:

String of Hearts: This accordion-style heart-shaped card looks elaborate but it’s actually a cinch to make. Just make sure you have some long paper (about 18 inches in length) and the rest of the supplies — scissors and decorating bling — should be easy enough to gather together quickly.

Love is simple: I love this homemade Valentine card that I found on the site Delish.com. It’s just a plain white card with a small red heart glued to the front and the word ‘love’ written underneath. Because really, what more do you need to say?

Wheel love: Not into hearts and flowers? This Valentine is perfect for car-loving kids and adults alike and it really is as fun to make as it looks. The supplies are simple: paper, a toy truck or car with textured tires, and some black acrylic paint. Just paint the tires and have fun making “skid marks” across the card.

Valentine Finger puppet: If you can draw a heart, you can make these cute Valentine finger puppets. Stack several sheets of paper together at a time and you’ll have a class full of Valentine’s Day cards in a jiffy.

iPhone Valentines: At first glance, these Valentine’s really look like an iPhone, or at least some hip new iPhone skin. But they’re actually printable cards that you can wrap around your Valentine’s favorite box of candy for a real sweet treat.

Zebra Valentines: In honor of my own little zebra-loving Valentine, I just had to include these printable cards from Bunny Cakes. Just print, sign, and you're good to go.