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No time for going green?

No parent wants to raise their child on a planet that’s an environmental mess. But let’s face it, once you’ve spent all of your time, money, and energy keeping your kids clean, safe, and happy each day, you may not feel up to the monumental task of saving the planet. But still, the reasons to go green are inextricably linked with our job as parents. After all it's hard to keep our kids clean, safe, and happy if they are exposed to polluted water, polluted air, chemically-laden food or a dangerously hot climate. And as much as we’d like to, we can’t simply just trust that the products on the store shelves are going to be healthy for our kids. I think the last year alone with all of the toy recalls that were in the news has shown us that very clearly.

So when it comes down to it…it is our job as parents to protect the health of our children. And that means asking more questions and demanding more quality in the products we are thinking about purchasing. That makes sense, right? That’s probably something you try to do anyhow. But what you may not realize is that when you choose products that are better for the planet, you will be choosing products that are healthier and therefore better for your family.

If you have children, the very best thing can do to protect the planet is to teach your children how to take care of it. Our children are the next generation of environmental stewards. And raising children that understand and respect their connection to the natural world protects the planet for today and tomorrow.

Thanks for going green!

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