There is no greater advocate for a child's health than that child's parents.  This fact becomes even more apparent when a child is sick.  Donor Weber knows this all too well.


Donor's son Damon was born sick.  But despite the fact that Damon Weber was born with a congenital heart defect that required surgery when he was a baby, Damon lived a big life, leaving a big impact on those who knew him.  Particularly his family.


But when Damon was diagnosed with a new illness as a teenager, his story took a more tragic, and at times triumphant, turn as his family raced against time and a flawed heath care system in a desperate attempt to save his life.


Immortal Bird is the searing account of Damon's life, as told by his father, Doron Weber.  It follows, in heartrending detail, Doron's efforts to manage Damon's illness while simultaneously fostering his talents.  


But despite what you might think upon picking up such a memoir, Immortal Bird is not a story of anguish.  It is a story of hope.  A story of love and life and courage and loyalty.  A story about a remarkable boy with a passion for life and a family bursting at the seams with love.  It is also the frustrating story of negotiating the current health care system and advocating for a sick child becomes a full-time job for many parents.


Beautifully told and surprisingly joyful, Immortal Bird is a moving tale that is definitely worth the read.


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New memoir celebrates a young boy's passion for life and a father's struggle to keep his son alive.