"No eat. Not food!" That's the rallying cry of an alien visitor in a fun kids book called "No Eat Not Food."  

In this beautifully produced book, author Rick Sanger tells the tale of an unexpected alien visitor who refuses to eat the local kids' food, calling it "not food," and going in search of the place that real food comes from. Did you know that food doesn't actually come from supermarkets?!? Soft and detailed illustrations from Carol Russell bring "No Eat" — the kids' name for their new alien friend — to life.

"No Eat Not Food" is written for 8- to 12-year-olds, but the story wrings true for kids from 6 to 60, as it addresses important issues like oil depletion, the dangers of pesticides, the importance of soil health and the joy of growing your own food.

The story gives kids the scoop on the real cost of food and tells them what foods are really healthy — as well as the foods that are not.  

Be warned: It may make your kids picky eaters — but in a good way!

Read: 'No Eat Not Food'
Fun book teaches kids how to identify which foods are truly healthy for them, and which are not.