In our house, recycling is a family business. My youngest daughter is in charge of bringing cans, bottles and paper to the recycling bin; my eldest does the sorting; and I drag it out to the curb on recycling day. With all that effort, my daughters often ask where all of our glass jars and newspapers go after the recycling truck hauls it away. I've done a so-so job of explaining the recycling process to them, but my explanation pales in comparison to the details they can find in the new kids' book, "Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?" by Sabbithry Persad.

Persad was kind enough to donate copies of her book to the participants of the Earth Day Kids' 1K event that I organized a few weeks ago in my hometown. It was the perfect fit for the event and the perfect addition to our own library of eco-savvy books for kids.

First and foremost, "Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?" is a fun book for kids to read, so it's one that I know my kids will come back to again and again. The story follows the tale of a young girl as she searches for her dog, Bubbles, who chased the recycling truck all of the way back to the recycling center (or M.R.F. — Materials Recovery Facility — a fact I learned in the book!)  

Throughout the story, Persad does an excellent job of explaining just where those recyclables do go when they leave the curb. I have to admit, the whole industrial sorting process was a little murky to me before reading the book. But between Persad's clear and engaging text and her detailed illustrations, I can now easily see how the process works.  

"Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?" is a fantastic book for teaching kids about the recycling process and the steps that they can take to help protect the environment. And it's also just an overall awesome book for kids. Thank you, Ms. Persad, for the donation and for helping to spread the eco-message to the next generation of environmental stewards!

Read: 'Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?'
New book gives kids an in-depth look at where the recyclables go after they leave the curb.