Sometimes, my efforts to go green and make my children's environment healthier give me a headache.  I mean seriously ... it's exhausting trying to keep up with products that are considered safe one day and harmful the next. Case in point — the latest information from SIGG, Swiss manufacturer of the über-popular aluminum water bottles that many green parents have latched on to in the battle to avoid BPA.

A few days ago, SIGG CEO Steve Wasik issued a statement on the company's website regarding the presence of BPA in SIGG bottle liners. "SIGG bottles manufactured prior to August 2008 have the former water-based epoxy liner which contains trace amounts of BPA," said Waski in the statement.

Apparently, the company quietly switched to new a "BPA-free EcoCare liner" in August 2008, but bottles manufactured before that time (many of which were shipped out as recently as last week,) still contain BPA.

Like many green parents, I am concerned about BPA, and I thought that by switching to aluminum bottles, I would prevent BPA exposure from my kids' beverages. I'm pretty disappointed in SIGG. They were obviously aware of the backlash against BPA and I'm sure they were equally aware of how that backlash was benefiting their company. Had they issued this statement last year, I would have applauded their efforts, but for the past year, they have continued to ship out older model bottles containing the BPA-liners without informing consumers about the concern.

One positive note is that the company is offering free replacement bottles to those who request it. For information on how to exchange your own bottle, send an e-mail to Personally, I haven't decided yet whether I will exchange my girls' SIGG bottles or switch brands. I'd love to hear some feedback on what others are doing.

Got a SIGG bottle?  Let me know if you plan to send it in, toss it out, switch brands, or stick with what you've got.

Really? SIGG bottles contain BPA
Swiss company SIGG admits that its aluminum bottles contain BPA liners.