My girls go through a lot of T-shirts. More often than not, they grow out of the shirts before they get a chance to wear them out. Many of these shirts are destined for the give-away box. But there are also a good number of shirts that are just too memorable and/or used to give away. I had a few of these laying around lately and I was trying to figure out a way to preserve some of my favorites without just stashing them away in a box to collect dust. So I was pretty excited to get an e-mail from Andy at Hide Your Arms about his most recent post: 101 ways to recycle old T-shirts. It's a comprehensive list of ideas for turning old tees into rugs, pillows, dresses, yoga pants, and even diaper covers. So whether you want to preserve a favorite tee or find a way to turn torn-up tees into something useful, you'll find some great ideas in this post. Here are five of my favorites:

Learn how to weave your old T-shirts at Alpha Mom, and then turn your weaving into a pillow, dollhouse rug, wall hanging, hot pad, among other things.  

Follow these instructions from Threadbanger to turn your old T-shirt into a new diaper cover for baby.

Last year, I friend of mine made T-shirt dresses like these for my daughters. They were a huge hit with the girls and a great way to give new life to old tees.

Here's a unique idea...from the folks at Threadbanger you can learn how to make a wedding dress from a handful of old T-shirts!

Recycle your old T-shirts into a quilt that captures your favorites for years to come by turning them into a comfy a cool blanket.  

Be sure to check out Hide Your Arms for 96 more great ideas for recycling your old T-shirts.

Recycle your old T-shirts
101 ideas for recycling and reusing all of your favorite old t-shirts.