Is your tween or teen ready for their own cell phone? The thought is frightening, I know. But if you've been considering picking up a cell phone for your teen, check out some of the refurbished models from kajeet, a new cell phone service for teens. Kajeet offers recycled and refurbished phones that not only save the planet by keeping old cell phones out of the landfill, they can also help you save loads of cash on your kid's phone. Sadly, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, cell phone recycling rates hover around only 10%. And the discarded models produce roughly 65,000 tons of trash every year.

Kajeet's cell phone service is a good idea for kids, parents and the planet. It gives kids all of the services they want to talk, text and play games while also giving parents they controls they want to limit calls and texts, block unwanted calls, and even schedule automatic check-ins with the phones built in GPS locators. And the phones are not only recycled, they also come complete with a green channel that offers "Green Tips for Teens," provided by yours truly.

Recycled cell phones for teens
New service offers refurbished cell phones complete with green tips for teens.