Imagine if your child could be inspired by the dolls she plays with. Inspired to change the world. Inspired to stand up for her beliefs. Inspired to go places no one else has ever gone. Not just inspired to wear a sparkly dress and marry a prince. How cool would that be?

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Craft artist Wendy Tsao imagined it. And she took things one step further by creating it.

You may remember Tsao as the artist behind Child's Own Studio where she took kids' drawings and turned them into real-life snuggly dolls. Tsao was inspired by artist Sonja Singh's idea to give Bratz dolls a "makeunder" that stripped away the makeup and Vegas showgirl outfits to reveal dolls that look more like little girls.

Jane Goodall dollBritish primatologist and UN Messenger for Peace Jane Goodall inspires young girls as an action-figure doll. (Photo: Wendy Tsao/

Tsao told A Mighty Girl: "It made me wonder about the role of dolls in a child's life -- can they be more than just trendy, sexy, disposable toys? Can we inspire girls more?"

Using Singh's technique, Tsao set about redesigning Bratz dolls so that they looked not just like real women — but like real women who already serve as role models for kids. We're talking animal activist Jane Goodall, author J.K. Rowling, Canadian astronaut Roberta Bondar, social activist Waris Dirie, and, of course, Malala.

Malala dollIf the comments on Tsao's site are any indication, there will be a lot of buyers interested in this Malala doll when she goes for sale. (Photo: Wendy Tsao/

At the moment, several of these dolls are up for sale on eBay. And Tsao said the others will be available soon. To find out when these dolls are available and to see which new dolls she will create in the future, follow her work at

Waris Dirie dollA Bratz doll redesigned in the image of Somali model, author, actress and social activist Waris Dirie. (Photo: Wendy Tsao/

Redesigned dolls inspire kids to change the world.
Artist creates dolls of Malala, Jane Goodall and other female role models.