Any parent who has done their time in the lunch line can attest to the amount of food that is wasted daily in a school cafeteria. One easy wasy to reduce this waste is to ask your school to make a simple change in the way lunch is served. When the North Plaines School in Portland, Ore., implemented an “Offer vs. Serve” policy that allowed students to choose what they wanted on their plate, they reduced food waste by 47 percent per day. Healthy à la carte selections, such as fresh fruit and salad bars, give students more access to wholesome foods while minimizing waste. After all, it doesn’t do any good to fill a child’s plate with green beans if they are just going to wind up in the trash.

And check out what filling your school's vending machines. Sodas and candy are not only terrible for your child’s health, they also create waste and use ingredients that can be harmful to the environment. Talk with your school officials and other parents about banning soda, candy, junk food, and fast food from school grounds.

Reduce cafeteria waste
Help your school trim its waste-line.