If you're like me, you've probably got a closet full of outdated, unwanted, too tight (or oversized) sweaters.  What can you do with all of that clutter?  Thrift stores are a great option.  But for special sweaters that you just hate to say goodbye too, there is another option.

Just mail it, along with $30 to Gayane Avanian of Boston, and she will unravel it and reknit it into something usable.  Gayane, a computer programmer by day, and her son Haik are the mother-son team behind reknit, an ingenious and creative side-business that helps keep good yarn from going to waste.

My favorite part about the reknit idea is the interactive-nature of the projects.  Each month, site visitors get to vote for the knitting project for the following month.  For March, viewers voted for Gayane to turn sweaters into hats.  And right now on the website, you can vote for a laptop case, socks, a baby jacket, or sweatbands for April's project.  

For Because Gayane is the only knitter, she and Haik decided to limit the number of projects they accept each month to the first 30. And according to their Facebook site, March orders sold out in under 18 hours!  I don't know about you, but I'll be tuning in on the early morning hours of April 1st to see if I can get a spot for one of my favorite old sweaters.  

Reknitting the past into a present
Mother-son team creates new life from old sweaters.