I don't know about you, but with all of the hype this year surrounding the swine flu, the regular flu, and other kids' illnesses, I've been trying harder than ever to make sure that my kids wash their hands frequently throughout the day.  But as with most things, my kids seem to hear the message more clearly if it comes from someone other than mom.  And if the message happens to come in the form of a silly song...all the better.  

So here's a little ditty that I think just might do the trick.  It' free download from Bill Hadley of a song that reminds kids to "wash their hands (lávate las manos)."  Here's an excerpt of the lyrics.  

"Everyone’s got germs but you keep them to yourself

Keep the colds and the flu up there on the shelf

If you want to stay healthy, there’s a little trick

Do it everyday and you don’t get sick ...

...Those sneaky little germs don’t want you to wash

They want everything dirty, oh yeah, my gosh

They love it when your hands are grimy and sticky

Then they grow and multiply, they’re icky icky icky!"

It's "cutesy" and yes, it will get stuck in your head...but it will also get stuck in your kids' heads and maybe, just maybe, it will help them remember to (lávate las manos) a little more often throughout the day!  Click here to download Wash Your Hands by Bill Harley.
Reminding kids: Lávate las manos
Funny song reminds kids to get rid of the goo and wash their hands.