Last week I came across a fantastic resource for teachers and parents who want to teach kids about going green. Green Teacher is a quarterly magazine published electronically and in print, that helps enhance environmental education programs in the home and in the classroom.

Each issue contains great ideas for developing a curriculum to teach kids about the environmental and global challenges facing the world today, as well as practical articles and ready-to-use activities for various age levels from 6-18. The current issue (Winter 2009-2010) contains articles about analyzing wildlife populations using Google Earth, using poetry in environmental education, and making a refuge for slugs and bugs.  

You can download a free trial issue (which has some great articles on water pollution and climate change, as well as details about an economic development game for middle-schoolers, and information about how to calculate stormwater runoff from school buildings and grounds) to get a better idea of the topics and tone of the magazine.

Green Teacher is a great resource for teachers, homeschoolers, parents, and anyone working with young people inside and outside of schools.