What's not to love about Halloween? The candy, the kids, the costumes ... and did I mention the candy? It's all good stuff ... or is it?

Turns out, all of that sweet stuff we hand out on Halloween may not be so sweet after all, and there's a growing trend that's spread across the U.S. that aims to make more Americans aware of just how sour most candy can be. The idea behind Reverse Trick-or-Treating is that when kids go door to door on Halloween night, instead of collecting bags full of dubious-quality candy, they carry info and samples of fair trade fair chocolate to hand out (while of course, sampling it themselves along the way.)

Reverse Trick-or-Treating was launched in 2006 as a way to highlight the plight of cocoa farmers and to showcase the benefits of fair trade products.  According to their website, "parents of last year’s youngest participants raved about how Reverse Trick-or-Treating transformed Halloween into a meaningful event when youthful activists can give back to their neighbors and to cocoa growing communities."

The best part about reverse trick-or-treating is that the chocolate and cards are FREE! Thanks to generous donations from fair trade chocolate companies, all you have to do is sign up at the Global Exchange site and pay $5.50 for shipping and packing supplies; they'll be sending kits with info sheets and candy samples out while supplies last.

What a fun way for kids to enjoy all of the sweetness of the holiday while still keeping it green.