If you have ever tinkered around with a running app, you know there are tons of features. At the end of every run you get a tidy little summary of the miles run, the time it took, and even your pace per mile. You also get a handy little map that tells you where your running route took you. This week, a runner in the U.K. used that running app map to spell out a very important message to his girlfriend.

Not long ago, Ben Chudley of Portsmouth, England, noticed that the map created by the running app during his recent run made an interesting picture. Actually, the first map he ever noticed made a picture that Chudley described as looking "a bit rude." But the idea was planted to start having fun with his running routes to plot out interesting pictures with his GPS maps.

Chudley has created images of a seahorse, dinosaur and SpongeBob SquarePants, later posting them to Facebook to his friends' delight. But this week he created a map that would potentially change his life.

On Tuesday, Chudley told his girlfriend, Olivia Abdul, that he was heading out for a run. In total, Chudley ran about 15 miles, but he continually turned his GPS tracking on and off to spell out a marriage proposal to Abdul:

marriage proposal using GPS maps

Chudley then bravely posted the message publicly on Facebook and returned home with flowers and an engagement ring.

Abdul was there. And don't worry: She said "yes."

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