Look out Beach Fun Barbie, Abbey Bominable is right behind you — and she's moving in fast!

According to toy manufacturer Mattel, sales of Barbie dolls have hit a slump, while sales of the company's new line of Monster High dolls are on the rise.  In the second quarter, which ended June 30, Mattel announced that Barbie-related sales fell 12 percent — the fourth quarter in which sales for the 54-year-old doll have fallen. In the meantime, sales for Mattel's Monster High dolls, which are creepy-cutesy dolls named after famous monsters, have been skyrocketing since Mattel introduced the line in 2010. 

With names like Draculara, Frankie Stein, and the aforementioned Abbey Bominable, Mattel's new "Goth Barbie" line represents a significant departure from the toy manufacturer's more traditional doll lines of Barbies, American Girls, and Disney Princesses. But is this a good thing for little girls? I asked a few eco-minded blogger friends what they thought of Monster High dolls and it actually stirred up quite a bit of conversation — everything from "OK" to  "No Way!" Here are a few snippets of the conversation:

Lisa Sharp (Retro Housewife Goes Green) "At least they aren't giving girls some false idea of beauty."

Nancy Baldwin (Surviving and Thriving on Pennies) "Don't like them one bit. They look like Bratz which I never allowed my kids to play with either...It was the skimpy clothes they were wearing. My kids can express themselves however they want but they will be covered and respected."

Tiffany Washko (Nature Moms) "As a sci-fi and movie buff I adore the concept...aka these are the teenage daughters of Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolf Man, etc. I also like how they don't look cookie cutter adorable, they are original and not afraid to be themselves."

Tiffany Norton (Picnic Basket Crafts) "On the one hand, I'm mortified that they are even skinnier than Barbie, but on the other, it is so obviously unrealistic, maybe it doesn't matter."

So what do you think?  Is the rise in popularity of Mattel's Monster High dolls a good thing for kids?

Sales soar for Mattel's 'Goth Barbie'
While sales of traditional Barbie dolls continue to slide, sales of Mattel's Monster High dolls are on the rise.