Hurricane Sandy is bearing down and is predicted to affect much of the East Coast over the next few days. After you have prepared for your family's safety during the storm, how do you prepare for the days (or weeks) that the kids will be home and stuck indoors? 

Here's how green bloggers from around the Web are planning to survive — and entertain their kids — during the storm.

Elise Jones (Here In This House) Breaking out all the games and puzzles in the game closet; making pillow/blanket forts; cleaning out closets (!); reading and playing hide-and-go-seek. Also have charged our old iPhone and loaded some educational games on it too. We're ready!

Lori Popkewitz Alper (Groovy Green LivinWe are planning to stay in our pajamas and play a lot of board games — school is already canceled. We have no food (just flew in from a weekend away) so hopefully a trip to the store is in the cards. I'll change out of my PJs for that.

Michelle (Everything's Abuzz) We set up a pretend campground in our basement! Complete with battery powered lanterns, sleeping bags, stories & homemade snacks.

Lisa Nelson-Woods (Condo Blues) If we lose power we'll read, play board games and sample the Halloween candy.

Lisa Sharp (Retro Housewife Goes Green) recalls how her own parents entertained the family during a week-long snowstorm ...We had a battery powered cd player and listened to old radio shows, played lots of board games, camped out by our fire place in the living room, cooked hot dogs and marshmallows in the fire, drank a lot of hot drinks. And went a bit crazy by the end ha.

How do you plan to stay sane and keep your kids entertained during the storm?

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