Yes, it is only the third week of school. And yes, I am already out of ideas on what to pack in my girls' lunches that they will eat and I will feel good about feeding them. So I hit the Web today in search of inspiration and found so many good ideas I wanted to share the results.


MNN's own Robin Shreeves has some great ideas over on her food blog. My favorite — and the one I think will be most popular with my kids — is the kebab concept. As Robin puts it, "If the cake pop craze has taught us anything, it’s that everything is more fun on a stick." Robin suggests putting healthy foods such as fruit, chicken, or even BLT's on a stick to add to the fun and variety of lunch.


Healthy Child Healthy World has some awesome healthy lunch ideas, including this one for a Bento Box Lion that serves up a creative twist on your child's favorite sandwich. I think even boring old PB&J would be a hit with my kids if I served it up looking like this!


Disney offers a number of good school lunch ideas on its Family Fun blog, including this one for a strawberry cream cheese sandwich that I think might be just interesting enough to pass the test for both my first- and fourth-graders.


Good Housekeeping has a post of 30 ideas for school lunches, but while most of these would either be too obvious (tuna salad) or too outrageous (falafel sandwich) for my kids, I do love the magazine's healthy makeover for mini corn dogs and think these could be a big hit in my house. I would make them with veggie dogs instead of mini franks to boost the health factor even further.


What is your child's favorite food to pack for lunch?


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School lunch ideas from around the Web
MNN's family blogger hits the Internet in search of healthy school lunch ideas that her kids will actually eat.