Could corn oil be an efficient alternative to petroleum? How does recycling affect the amount of garbage your family produces? Does the shape of a wind turbine's blade affect the amount of electricity it produces?

Looking for a fun way to teach your kids about the environment? In her new book, Save the Earth Science Experiments, Science Fair Projects for Eco-Kids, author and scientist Elizabeth Snoke Harris shows both parents and kids how to perform science experiments that can help save the planet, or at the least deepen their knowledge of environmental issues.  

The book begins with an introduction on problems occurring in the world which impact our global well-being. Throughout the book, you will find short stories and facts which detail specific environmental issues or concerns. Written for 9- to 12-year-olds, the book is heavily geared towards showing kids how to put together effective and impressive science fair projects. But it's also perfect for younger kids who are simply interested in eco-issues, homeschoolers, or any family that wants to try a few science experiments at home.

This book gives you and your kids the power to help save the planet ... and win a blue ribbon at the next science fair!

Science experiments that save the Earth
Teach your kids how to save the planet and win 1st place at the next science fair!