Nothing teaches kids about science better than a good experiment ... or even a disgusting one. My girls have been enthralled with science experiments lately, trying to figure out what types of items float in water and what types sink; which pumpkin will rot more quickly on the porch; the effect of certain foods on the bodily functions (need I say more?) and so on and so on. To keep the momentum going, I looked into a few science kits that would help them with their experiments. Here are a few of my favorites:

Green Science Experiment Kits: Want to learn how to make a battery from a potato or a robot from a tin can?  These experiment kits from Toysmith give kids hands-on experience with environmental science. Check out the Weather Station kit that demonstrates how to track meteorological changes or the Solar Science kit that includes everything you need to cook an egg in the sun. If your kids like to dive in to the world of science, these kids are sure to please.

Magic School Bus Going Green Science Kit: I love the Magic School Bus series. The books and videos are top-notch and never fail to entertain and educate my kids about everything from germs to sea creatures. So it's no surprise that their science kits make the grade as well, especially their Going Green Science kit in which that wacky Ms. Frizzle and her students take young scientists on a wild ride with experiments and activities that can help save the earth. The kit teaches kids how to recreate the water cycle, build a compost tube, shrink plastic, decompose food with fungus, create paper, and much more.

Scientific Explorer's Disgusting Science Kit: I know from first-hand experience that kids are curious about everything ... no matter how disgusting it may seem to us adults. If your kids like to grow mold in the fridge, pick at scabs, or talk about bodily functions ... this is the science kit for them.  

Science kits that make the grade
Help kids explore science with these hands-on green science kits.