It probably comes as no surprise that kids today are more sedentary than any generation before them. This is the first generation of kids that is more familiar with a joystick than a baseball. After-school sports are a great way to get your kids moving around while they socialize with their friends, but you can't just mandate that they play. If your kids are stuck in a rut when it comes to healthy exercising, here are a few fun (and sneaky) ways to get them moving.

Assign active chores

This tip is a double bonus ... it gets your kids moving while they help out around the house. Mowing the lawn, vacuuming, walking the dog and taking out the trash are all great ways to exercise. Ask your kids to do at least one active chore each day and mix it up a bit so they get to try new things and move new muscles while they're at it.

Video sweat
If your kids love video games, let them play one that makes them sweat to win. Try Nintendo's Wii Fit system or Dance Dance Revolution instead of Tetris and Super Mario Brothers.

Make it a challenge

Some kids are more motivated to exercise when there is some friendly competition going on. For instance, everyone in the family could wear an inexpensive pedometer, and then you could compare numbers at the end of the day. Winner gets bragging rights or a chance to pick the next family activity.

Use your feet
Save gas and the planet while you get your kids moving by encouraging your kids to walk to the store, the library or their friend's house.

Get moving as a family
Get the whole family off the couch with activities like bowling, hiking or miniature golf that get everybody moving while you enjoy some family time together.

Get outside

More often than not, all it takes is a little fresh air and kids will come up with their own ways to exercise while they play. Bring along some balls, a jump rope, or just your imagination and watch how everybody gets moving in their own way.

Get creative
Think outside the box when it comes to exercise. Set up a fun obstacle course in the living room or challenge your kids to a race while putting away their laundry.

Sneaky ways to get your kids moving
Kids stuck in a fitness rut? Here's how to get them active and moving each day.