Got a snow day today? If you live in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic regions, it's likely you woke up to a least a dusting of snow today, and quite possibly a whole lot more. The kids are probably home from school and now you're all sitting around wondering what to do with your day. If you can get out in the snow — do it! Here are 5 ideas for snow day fun you can share with your kids. But if the forecast holds true, it might be a better day to hunker down indoors. Don't worry, we got you covered with indoor games that will keep kids busy for hours.

Now that the kids are covered, you (hopefully) have a few extra minutes to yourself. Whether you're in the mood for thought-provoking or side-splitting, there's a post or two here that you won't want to miss. Grab your coffee, find a quiet corner, and read this:

If you want to think: Top 5 regrets of the dying. As the title implies, this post is intense. And a bit of an eye-opener. Make sure you've got a little time for some deep inner dialog before you start reading this one.

If you want to laugh: Required Reading: Smutified. Did you know they've changed the cover of "Anne of Green Gables" to make it more appealing to the Twilight generation? Scary Mommy shares her hilarious thoughts on that and adds to the trends with some "revamped" covers of her own.

If you want to learn. Eco Challenge: Replacing GMO Food. What's the big deal about GMO foods? And how can you avoid them? Jen from Jen and Joey Go Green breaks it down nice and easy for you in this cool infographic post.

If you want to take action: Tell Dolce & Gabbana that their baby perfume idea stinks. Remember that post I wrote last week about Dolce & Gabbana's new "baby perfume?" The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics launched a letter writing campaign to block its sale in the U.S. Sign and share to keep babies smelling like babies!

And if you want to read more: 7 books to read when you wish it was snowing. OK, it's time to click off the computer and get some quality time in with the kiddos. Abbey from Surviving Our Blessings has a list of seven awesome snow-day reads that will make you want to cuddle up with your favorite toddler and a cup of hot cocoa.

Snow day reads to get you through the big storm
Whether you're in the mood to laugh, love or learn — these are the posts you don't want to miss today.