Building snowmen and having a snowball fight are the obvious choices for fun on a snow day. But if you're really snowed in, you might need a few more snow activities. Keep cabin fever at bay with these fun snow games for the whole family.

Snow fort. Building a snow fort is the ultimate in fun on a snow day. There are no rules — you can carve a cave out of a mound of snow or build a roofless igloo around your kids as they play. Don't forget to build a few "snowfas" (snow sofas) for relaxing. If you've got lots of kids together to play, make a bunch of forts (or houses, or castles, etc.) and make paths to connect the village.

Slippery tug-of-war. It's like tug of war, only slipperier! Oh, and did I mention that everyone sits on sleds? Grab a few saucer-style sleds (or plastic trash can lids) and divide into two teams. To play, each team takes hold of opposite ends of a long rope and tries to pull their opponents toward them (without sliding themselves!)

Snow obstacle course. There is no limit to what you can do here — from frisbee golf to put the hat on the snowman. To get started, pack up a bunch of large snow balls to jump over, dig out a few snow trenches to crawl through, and carve out a hole to throw snow balls through and you'll have a snow obstacle course ready for hours of fun.

Snow paint. Turn your backyard into the perfect painting canvas with homemade snow paint. Use water and food coloring, fill some spray bottles or squeeze bottles and have fun spray painting snowmen, snow balls, or your family's snow fort.

Bundle up and follow these other tips to stay warm while you're playing outdoors — and don't forget the hot chocolate!

4 ways to get the most out of snow day
Snowed in? Lucky you! Pass the day with these fun snow games to play with the kids.