Sure flower and rainbows make lovely crafts. But sometimes kids (and parents) would rather make messy, yucky crafts for fun.  Here are three great crafts that are sure to gross your whole family out:

Edible slime: The ingredients to make this slime aren't nearly as gross as you might think, but don't worry the final product will be plenty gross as it oozes and slithers around your house!

Warty mask: Who wants to dress up as a princess or a pirate when you can dress up as a warty monster?  All you need is an empty milk carton, a hole puncher, and some pipe cleaners to whip the warty mess together.

Gross-out-challenge: A perfect gross out party game! Create mystery boxes where guests reach inside the boxes (filled with say, olives and jello or spaghetti, pudding, and doll hair) and try to guess what's inside.

So gross: 3 yucky crafts for kids
3 gross crafts for summer that your kids will love to hate!