After nearly three months of frigid rule, the Massapequa Park Snowman of Long Island, New York, is no more. Take a bow, spring — you ruthless destroyer of snow people. 

The Fregoe family, who created the once-9-foot snowman on Jan. 25, decided to add a bit of fun to this year's crippling winter by seeing how long they could make it last. A Facebook page called "Save the Snowman" was launched, capturing the attention of thousands of people with a soft spot for the giant endangered snowball. 

"It started out as a small project for fun and it's morphed into the ongoing snow saga, and it's a great thing that makes everybody smile and happy, and we're having fun with it still," Mike Fregoe told ABC 13

With the warmer temperatures of April looming large over the snowman, Fregoe setup an umbrella to deflect the sun and asked for "snownations" from fans. The only catch was it had to be snow from this winter — no artificial stuff from ice skating rinks or snow machines accepted. 

"People have brought it from Vermont, out east in the Hamptons, Patchogue, Sayville," he told CBS New York.

Sadly, as winter was struck blow after blow by spring, the supplies dwindled and the inevitable happened. Last week, fans stopping by the Fregoe house were left posing with nothing more than a remnants of the famous snowman. 

Yesterday, the family officially announced a time of death, adding that despite the snowman's need to be on his way, he most certainly will be back again some day.

4/20 update: It is official. At 2:16 PM today the last of Snowman has melted - except, of course, for the snowball we...

Posted by Save the Snowman on Monday, April 20, 2015

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Social media's most famous snowman finally succumbs to spring
Born on Jan. 25, the Long Island snowman welcomed life-sustaining donations of snow and ice from as far away as Vermont.