With spring break in full swing at many schools, you may have a few extra hands around the house to entertain. Put those little hands to good use by enlisting their help in some spring cleaning projects. Think it can't be done? Think again. There are lots of great ways to make spring cleaning fun and practical for kids of all ages. Here are five great ways to get your kids to help out with the spring cleaning.

1. Make it a party. Yeah, I know, cleaning can be a drag. But you can up the fun factor by cranking up the tunes and encouraging your kids to dance and dust their way throughout the house. And just this once, let them pick the music. You may have to endure an afternoon of One Direction, but if it means your house gets cleaned, it may be worth it.

2. Play to their strengths. My eldest daughter is an obsessive organizer. She actually loves it when I ask her to do things like clean out the crayon drawer or straighten the books on the book shelf. My youngest, on the other hand, loves tasks with a high sparkle factor, like cleaning windows or wiping down countertops. By assigning tasks that I know they already like, it's win-win for everyone.

3. Think teamwork. Most kids hate to work alone. So if you banish them to their rooms and expect them to get down to cleaning, it's likely to end badly. Zip through the house from room to room and stick together as a team, breaking down the tasks and doling them out so that everything gets done and everyone can stay together.

4. Write it down. Tired of spending the day nagging your kids to do one task after another? Make a list of the spring cleaning tasks you expect them to accomplish. And give them a time frame too, say — by lunchtime, or before they go play at a friend's house. If they can see it all written down on paper, they will know just what's expected of them and will be that much more likely to zip through the chores and get 'er done.

5. Offer a reward. Large or small, make sure there is some kind of incentive for the kids to enjoy at the end of the day. It could be a serving of sweets or some extra time on the computer, whatever motivates them get the job done. And be sure to enjoy your own reward too for motivating the troops to help.

Ready to tackle some spring cleaning? How do you get your kids to help?

Spring cleaning: 5 ways to get your kids to help
Spring cleaning can be fun for the whole family with these fun tips for getting kids involved.