Rainbow wreath: Make your home a little more colorful with this easy-to-assemble St. Patrick's Day wreath. The base of the decoration is made from recycled toilet peper tubes, so start saving them so you'll have enough.

Leprechaun trap: Try your luck at catching a leprechaun with this cute and clever Leprechaun trap. Little kids will love the magic while older ones will enjoy the chance for mischief!

Pot of gold: St. Patrick's Day just wouldn't be complete without a vibrant pot of gold. This particular design is made from an empty baby food jar, but any jar or tin will work. Add a rainbow nearby to complete the effect.

Shamrock tee: Don't just wear green on St. Patrick's Day, wear green clovers! This cute T-shirt is easy to make and looks great on both kids and adults. You'll need a plain T-shirt (white is good, but any color will do,) as well as fabric paint. You can paint the clovers by hand or use a heart-shaped stamp to get it just right.

Luck O'The Irish hat: You don't have to be Irish to show off your Irish spirit with this lucky hat. All you need is craft foam, pipe cleaners and ribbon and get ready to bring on the good luck.

St. Patrick's Day fun for little leprechauns
Make some magic and mischief this St. Patrick's Day with fun festive crafts for the whole family.