While many plastic baby bottles do not contain BPA, even BPA-free plastic can leach petroleum byproducts and other chemical components of plastic when heated, scuffed, scratched or worn. Glass bottles are an inexpensive baby bottle option, but glass comes with its own safety hazards ... you can't exactly toss a glass baby bottle in the car or the bottom of your bag and expect it to remain intact. And forget about letting your baby hold her own bottle (and potentially toss it across the room!)

So what's an eco-minded parent to do? Stainless steel baby bottles are a good option. These bottles are relatively new to the market, but there are a few to choose from right now, and surely a bunch more on the way soon. The best part about stainless steel bottles is that they don't need a special lining, so they'll never leach nasty chemicals into your baby's beverage.

Here are a few good ones to try:

Canada's Organic Kidz makes a cool line of stainless steel baby bottles in sizes ranging from 4 oz. to 9 oz. The bottles are designed to work with most narrow-necked nipples. They are a touch on the expensive side ($20-$25), but you won't have to worry about breakage like you would with plastic and glass bottles. Find them at these stores or on Amazon.com.

Pura offers a line of stainless steel baby bottles under their Pura Kikki line that have a number of cool features. The bottles have interior ounce markings so that you can tell exactly how much your child is drinking without the guesswork. Another cool feature is that these bottles are made to grow with your child — turning  from a bottle with slow-flow silicone nipple to a medium-flow bottle and then ultimately a sippy bottle. Pura Kiki bottles cost about $14-$22 and will be available in stores in February 2010.

Stainless steel baby bottles
New baby bottles offer an eco-savvy alternative to plastic and glass.