Elena Shumilova's new baby with her other sons

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Last year, the captivating work of Russian photographer Elena Shumilova went viral in a major way. The mother's photos of her two boys — Yaroslav and Vanya — enjoying life on a picturesque farm were featured on dozens of media outlets and blogs, including our own.

While last year was marked by her photography's viral successes, this year was marked by the arrival of Shumilova's third son, Petr. The newborn (pictured above at 1 month of age) was immediately welcomed into the fold by his siblings, and it wasn't long before he began starring in photoshoots himself!

Shumilova's photography serves as way for her to document her growing family, but her overarching goal is to create timeless images of childhood that will touch people all around the world.

In the video below, Shumilova gives us a behind-the-scenes look at her farm in Andreapol, Russia as well as an explanation of her inspiration and strategies for shooting.

Continue below for more photos of Shumilova's boys, and see her entire portfolio on her SmugMug, Facebook, Instagram and 500px. If you're interested in learning how to make captivating portraits like these, check out Shumilova's instructional article for taking photographs of your children.
Elena Shumilova: Boy plays guitar to dog
Elena Shumilova: New baby with cat
Elena Shumilova: Boys doing laundry
Elena Shumilova: Boy in a boat
Elena Shumilova: Boy and his baby brother
Elena Shumilova: A boy with a cat and flowers
Elena Shumilova: The boys after swimming
Elena Shumilova: Sibling bonding
Elena Shumilova: Baby bunny with boy
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Stars of nostalgic childhood photo series gain a new cast member (and a brother)
Photographer Elena Shumilova creates timeless images of childhood that touch people all around the world.