Philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs wants to change the way that high schoolers in America learn, and she's prepared to put up the funds to make it happen. Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple mogul Steve Jobs, recently announced an investment of $50 million and an open call for ideas to find ways to reinvent the American high school.

With the recent launch of her Super School Project, Powell Jobs is asking for proposals from any and all sectors of society — teachers, school administrators, parents, business leaders and students — on out of the box ways to change the way kids learn at school.

From the project website:

"In the last hundred years, America has gone from a Model T to a Tesla and from a switchboard to a smartphone, but our public high schools have stayed frozen in time. We believe American ingenuity can and must move education forward."

The idea is to move beyond an education system that focuses on rote memorization and toward learning as a fluid and functioning idea.

Anyone with a cool concept can submit it to the XQ Institute (see the website link above), a new branch of Powell Jobs philanthropic organization, the Emerson Collective. The institute will accept proposals until Nov. 15 and winners will be announced August 2016. The XQ institute has pledged $50 million dollars to support at least five projects that will hopefully turn their schools into Super Schools within the next five years.

More from the project site:

"We believe American ingenuity can and must move education forward. This is a challenge, open to all, to build the Super Schools that will lead the way."

Ready to change the future of American schools? Get your proposal ready.

Steve Jobs' widow has $50M plan for schools
Laurene Powell Jobs hopes the new Super School Project will update the way kids learn.