Kieron Graham has known from a young age that he was adopted. While he loves his adoptive family, he has always wondered about his birth mother and brother. When his adoptive mom gave him a DNA test kit, they both hoped it might lead to his birth family. But neither guessed it would work so quickly, or that when it did, Graham would learn he and his long-lost brother may have crossed paths every day.

It took just one week from the time Graham, a college student at Georgia's Kennesaw State University, received his DNA results on for him to connect with his brother. Graham's DNA results showed that his closest match was a man named Vincent Ghant, and it turned out Ghant lived just a few minutes away.

Kieron Graham's DNA results Graham's results showed that his closest match was a man who turned out to be his long-lost brother. (Photo courtesy of Kieron Graham)

Graham reached out and learned that the two were in fact long-lost brothers. Their mother, Shawn Ghant, made the difficult decision to place Kieron in adoptive care when he was just a baby. And she has worried and wondered about her youngest son ever since. Graham has since been reunited with his mother and both of his brothers on his mother's side.

"It’s all surreal, too many emotions to adequately describe exactly what I’m feeling about the entire situation, but it’s a good situation," Graham tells MNN.

As fate would have it, Kieron and Vincent are both students at Kennesaw State. They even have the same major: political science. So it's a safe bet the two crossed paths many times over the past three years. And now, thanks to some DNA sleuthing, the two will cross paths many more times in the years to come.

Kieron Graham, his brother, and niece Kieron Graham (left) with his brother and niece. (Photo courtesy of Kieron Graham)

"We’re getting together on Christmas with everyone, birth mother included," Graham says.

That's sure to be a very Merry Christmas indeed.

Student finds long-lost brother, and it turns out they go to the same college
They both have the same major, too.